Tactile Touch

Tactile Touch

Unusual and all the more surprising - with every touch. Consumers are invited to a tactile experience with your brand because the special coating technology gives the surface a tangible texture.

Product Benefits

  • Activation of all senses
  • More interaction with the packaging as the consumer notices the different surfaces
  • Perfect way to highlight certain parts of the can

Consumers think...

“MC Hammer is wrong – you can touch this – and it feels great.”


“I felt, looked and enjoyed – well done.”


Technical Specifications

  • Materials: aluminum
  • Size: all sizes available
  • Filling line, tests for handling-related abrasion recommended

Order Details

  • Lead time: 4 weeks on top of standard artwork
  • Minimum order: 1.2 million units

Goes best with: Colored Shells

Because you have made a lot of effort on you special can design, you should complete it with a perfect fitting shell.