Coded Tab on beverage can

Coded Tabs

Good reasons for coded tabs: The short-term impact of sales promotion is the increase in sales of the product during the promotional period. The analysis of the long-term impact of sales promotion reveals, for instance, an increase in customer brand loyalty which ultimately increases the company’s profitability.
Source: International Journal of Business and Management, 2012

Product Benefits

  • Promotional tool that reveals a code, when the can is opened
  • Coded tabs create brand loyalty: winning and drinking occurs at the same time 

Consumers think...

“I love prize draws and especially code promotions and get an immediate response via the webpage.”


“Have you seen the new …* promotion? A cool story - hardling surprising, as the drink is really cool as well.”

*Brand name deleted


Technical Specifications

  • Available for end diameter 200 and 202, Stolle only
  • Up to 12 characters, max. 6 in one row. More characters must be checked individually.
  • Colors: silver, red, blue, green, black and gold

Order Details

  • Lead time: 4 weeks
  • Minimum order: 5 million units single-sided, 16 million double-sided

Goes best with: QR code and Barcode
Their joint use creates an emotional bond between the consumption of the drink and the feeling of winning.